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review1-compressor “Through 3+ years in Crossfit, I have let go of the person who allowed an MS diagnosis to stop her from living. The woman who weighed 206 lbs and full of self-loathing. As I became stronger and more fit, I remembered who I used to be, before I got sick. But more importantly, I realized that I could exceed that person I was before. I love the person that I have become through my journey with Grahame and North Bend Crossfit. Healthy, happy, strong and still improving… in all ways.”
– Melissa D.

post2 “he season really took off for me with the hot shots and I just got done last week. I wanna say how much I appreciated all your help and training man I was in great shape for the hand crew and got hired back onto that crew next year because of it.”
– Jake D.